HONG KONG, 15 June 2018. Pengyuan International (“PENGYUAN”) has today published its Global Non-Bank Financial Institutions (NBFI) Rating Criteria. These criteria are intended to cover a broad range of entities, which include finance companies, securities firms, investment managers and other issuers that fall under our NBFI definition.

Our framework follows a multi-step process that encompasses a wide range of qualitative and quantitative factors on a forward-looking basis. The myriad factors and sub-factors we analyze are grouped into four pillars, which form the basis of our risk evaluation. The four pillars are industry structural stability, enterprise risk management, capital formation and capital adequacy.

The criteria are effective immediately and no existing ratings have been affected.

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Pengyuan Credit Rating (Hong Kong) Company Limited (“Pengyuan International”) publishes credit ratings and reports based on the established methodologies and in compliance with the rating process. For more information on policies, procedures, and methodologies, please refer to Pengyuan International’s website The information herein does not constitute a commitment by Pengyuan International to assign a credit rating or to provide any other services. Any information herein was prepared for the benefit and internal use by anyone to whom it is directly addressed and delivered and does not carry any right of disclosure to any third party. All information herein is for discussion purposes only and should be completed with the oral briefing provided by Pengyuan International. The information herein is subject to change and should be regarded as indicative and for illustrative purposes only.

Pengyuan International prohibits its employees from offering, directly or indirectly, a favorable credit rating, or offering to change a credit rating, to a client as consideration or inducement for business development purposes or for compensation. Pengyuan International also prohibits its rating analysts from being involved in any fee discussions. All credit ratings and reports are subject to disclaimers and certain limitations. CREDIT RATINGS ARE NOT FINANCIAL OR INVESTMENT ADVICE AND MUST NOT BE CONSIDERED AS A RECOMMENDATION TO BUY, SELL OR HOLD ANY SECURITIES AND DO NOT ADDRESS/REFLECT MARKET VALUE OF ANY SECURITIES. USERS OF CREDIT RATINGS ARE EXPECTED TO BE TRAINED FOR INDEPENDENT ASSESSMENT OF INVESTMENT AND BUSINESS DESCISIONS. CREDIT RATINGS ADDRESS ONLY CREDIT RISK. PENGYUAN INTERNATIONAL DEFINES THE CREDIT RISK AS THE RISK THAT THE RATED ENTITY MAY NOT MEET ITS CONTRACTUAL AND/OR FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS AS THEY BECOME DUE. CREDIT RATINGS MUST NOT BE CONSIDERED AS FACTS OF A SPECIFIC DEFAULT PROBABILITY OR AS A PREDICTIVE MEASURE OF A DEFAULT PROBABILITY. Credit ratings constitute Pengyuan International’s forward-looking opinion of the credit rating committee and include predictions about future events which by definition cannot be validated as facts.

For the purpose of rating process Pengyuan International obtains sufficient quality factual information from sources believed by Pengyuan International to be reliable and accurate. Pengyuan International does not perform an audit and undertakes no duty of due diligence or third-party verification of any information it uses during the rating process. The issuer and its advisors are ultimately responsible for the accuracy of the information provided for the rating process. Users of Pengyuan International’s credit ratings should refer to the rating symbols and definitions published on Pengyuan International’s website. Credit ratings with the same rating symbol may not fully reflect all small differences in the degrees of risk, because credit ratings are relative measures of the credit risk. NO WARRATY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AS TO THE ACCURACY, TIMELINESS OR COMPLETENESS OF ANY INFORMATION GIVEN OR MADE BY PENGYUAN INTERNATIONAL IN ANY FORM OR MANNER. In no event shall Pengyuan International, its directors, shareholders, employees, representatives be liable to any party for any damages, expenses, fees, or losses in connection with any use of the information published by Pengyuan International. Pengyuan International reserves the right to take any rating action for any reasons Pengyuan International deems sufficient at any time and in its sole discretion. The publication and maintenance of a credit ratings are subject to availability of sufficient information. Pengyuan International may receive compensation for its credit ratings, normally from issuers, underwriters or obligors. The information about Pengyuan International’s fee schedule can be provided upon the request. Pengyuan International reserves the right to disseminate its credit ratings and reports through its website, Pengyuan International’s social media pages and authorized third parties. No content published by Pengyuan International may be modified, reproduced, transferred, distributed or reverse engineered in any form by any means without the prior written consent of Pengyuan International. Pengyuan International’s credit ratings and reports are not indented for distribution to, or use by, any person in a jurisdiction where such usage would infringe the law. If in doubt, please consult the relevant regulatory body or professional advisor to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

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